Using our programs, your lawn can flourish and be an enjoyable part of your home, but it does require some effort on the part of the homeowner as well.
Mowing and watering habits have a direct impact on the lawn.  Cutting too low in the summer months as well as not watering is counterproductive.

Lawns, just like us, need water to stay healthy. In a perfect world, starting up your sprinkler system as early as possible in the season would be ideal.Boy Watering Grass
The pre-emergent crabgrass control needs to be watered on a regular basis after application to maintain its effectiveness. If a lawn goes a number of days without watering or rain the treatment is less effective.

Our grass types, which are cool season grass types, require at least one inch of water per week.   That said, if we have 85⁰ or higher temperatures we now have to combat evaporation effects.  If the water is evaporating at a rate of 2 inches per day, you would need to water longer and deeper to compensate for the evaporation effect. 

A rule of thumb when mowing is to never remove more than 1/3 the blade.  Letting it grow a little longer in the summer allows it to stay cooler and retain moisture better.  In the early part of the growing season, 2 ½ inches high will work.
Lawn mowing
As soon as the temperature gets into the 80’s, you should not cut lower than 3 inches and, maybe even higher.  The taller the blades of grass, the less sunlight will be allowed to get to the soil.  This will not let weed and crabgrass seeds to germinate.  A tight, thick lawn is a great natural defense against weeds.