Cape Cod Tick & Mosquito Control

Cape Cod Tick Mosquito Control
Fowler & Sons offers full service, professional Cape Cod tick and mosquito control. Specializing in organic and conventional tick and mosquito treatments for your yard. Let Fowler & Sons take care of your tick and mosquito problem now, so you can enjoy the outdoors this summer worry and nuisance free.

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Facts to know about Ticks and Mosquitoes

Cape Cod is considered to be a "High Risk" zone for Lyme disease, making tick and mosquito control essential to your safety and enjoyment of beautiful Cape Cod.

An estimated 75% of Lyme disease cases are aquired from Deer Ticks, picked up during activities around the home.

Female Deer Ticks can lay 2,000 or more eggs. The Lone Star Tick, new to our area, is an aggressive species. It can attack humans and pets, and even cause a red meat allergy among other diseases.

Dog Ticks can live 2-3 years with no suitable host.

Female Mosquitoes can live for a month or longer, and produce 1,000-3,000 offspring during their life.

Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide released when we breathe. Mosquitoes are considered to be the deadliest "animal" on earth.

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We offer both conventional and organic tick and mosquito control programs, as well as one time and event treatments.

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